Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dreams of the Few - Coming Soon!

 'Dreams of the Few' is coming soon! The second book in 'Legacy of Dreams' trilogy will be available online and in bookstores in 2014. 

If you enjoyed 'Dreams of the Many', we hope you are looking forward to the next chapter of the dream! 

All of your favorite characters will return in this, the newest installment of the 'Legacy of Dreams' adventure. 

Join Brody, Vanessa, Casey, Benton, Larry and the rest of the dream travelers as they continue their journey. 

Travel with them through a perilous dream landscape, as they face their darkest fears, and fight a life or death struggle against time and fate. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Support for Independent Book Stores, Publishers, Libraries, and Authors

I happened upon a local book store in the Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ and wandered inside to find an independent author sitting for a book signing.

I was struck by the importance of the works written by independent authors, published by independent publishers and carried by small book stores.

In the past, the large publishers owned the market and without a publisher and literary agent, an author could not hope to get their works on the shelves of libraries or book stores.

Today, we, as a culture can share information and thoughts with others through social media, blogs, email, and all manner of channels. Today, independent publishers make it possible for an author to release works without a major publishing contract or a literary agent. BUT, it does cost money. It also costs money to keep a library open and to run a book store.

The next time you want to find a new book, go to your local book store and buy one, instead of buying from a large retailer, or visit your local library and check out a book! 

The next time you are looking for something interesting to read, look for an independently published author. Find a book that appeals to you and buy it. Support and listen to the voices of independent authors and businesses. You will find new joy in reading and in your passion for books, new ideas and thoughts and the power of the individual!